Spare and wear parts suitable for METSO® cone crushers

Spare and wear parts for METSO® cone crushers

Aceros y Suministros S.L. manufactures spare and wear parts for METSO® cone crushers. We manufacture wear parts for different models of machines: impact crushers, jaw crushers and cone crushers.

Metso® cone crusher models

Some models of Metso® cone crushers for which we supply adaptable spare parts:

HP100 – HP200 – HP300 – HP400 – HP500 – HP800 – HP3 – HP4 – HP6

GP11 – GP100 – GP200 – GP220 – GP300 – GP500

MP800 – MP1000

We manufacture, and normally have in stock, wear parts such as cones; concave and mantle, mobile cone and fixed cone, torch cutter ring, distributor cone, side shields and a long etcetera. And spare parts such as main shaft, socket liner, cup, eccentric, counter shaft, pinion, bushings, shims, etc.

The cones; concave and mantle, movable cone and fixed cone are the main wear parts of this type of crushing mills or crushers. Depending on the working conditions and the material to be shredded, we can offer different cone qualities.

For primary crushing or secondary crushing we can offer cones in manganese steels 12-14%Mn + 1,5%Cr. We can also offer a new special ICT reinforced alloy for very abrasive working conditions. In secondary crushing we can opt for cones in manganese steel type 16-18%Mn +2%Cr. In the production of fine aggregates or sands, we would opt to use cones in 20-22%Mn + 2%Cr. For any questions regarding the quality of the cones to be used, please contact our technical team who will advise you accordingly.

Naturally, the quality of all our products is guaranteed, and we are sure that our customers will be satisfied with our unbeatable value for money.

METSO® cone crusher spare parts

Other Metso® crushers

We also manufacture spare and wear parts adaptable to the following impact crushers:

NP 1313 – NP 1415 – NP 1620 – NP 2023 – NP 1110 – NP 1213 – NP 1315 – NP 1520 – NP 1110 – NP 1213 – NP 1315 – NP 1520

And adaptable spare parts for Metso® jaw crusher models:

C80 – C95 – C96 – C100 – C105 – C106 – C110 – C120 – C125 – C140 – C145 – C150 – C160 – C200

Adaptable spare parts for METSO® cone crushers

Spare and wear parts suitable for METSO® cone crushers

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