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1949 – 1960

In 1949, Metalúrgica y Moderna S.A. was founded. (MYMSA) in San Salvador del Valle, Vizcaya, as a mechanical workshop for the construction of machinery, mainly for aggregate plants, cement plants and mines.

In 1951 Aceros y Suministros S.A. was founded. in Bilbao, Vizcaya, as a commercial office and technical department. The exclusive representation of the manufacture and distribution of machinery for quarries “Dragon”, of French origin, is obtained, creating the company DRAGON ESPAÑOLA S.A.

Different types of aggregate crushers and screening machinery are manufactured: hammer mills, jaw crushers, impact crushers, etc.

Foundry crusher wear part supplier Foundry crusher wear part supplier Foundry crusher wear part supplier Foundry crusher wear part supplier

1961 – 1980

In 1961, machinery and other elements for a Danish engineering called FLSMIDTH A / S began to be manufactured. A large number of types of machines and components for cement plants around the world are manufactured at MYMSA facilities: cement dryers, ball mills, furnace crowns.

Aceros y Suministros S.A. acquires participation in a local foundry called FUNDICION SARRALDE S.A. This addition to the company makes the production of machinery and wear parts for different OEMs take off: concave, mantles, jaws, body pumps, volutes and impellers, and much more.

Aceros y Suministros S.A. consolidates in Spain as a pioneer company in the manufacturing and supply of machinery and wear parts for the raw material handling.

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1980 – 1998

MYMSA must finish its journey at the end of the 70s due to the economic situation of those years.

Aceros y Suministros S.A. continues consolidating itself as one of the main manufacturers of spare parts for crushing machinery in the mining and cement industry. It also consolidates itself as one of the main suppliers of foundry parts for FLSMIDTH A/S, also expanding the collaboration to FLSMIDTH USA Inc.

Foundry crusher wear part supplier Foundry crusher wear part supplier Foundry crusher wear part supplier Foundry crusher wear part supplier

1999 – 2018

In 1999 Aceros y Suministros S.A. carries out the construction of new offices and warehouses in Sodupe. The installation of a new machining workshop is also carried out. This transfer means an improvement in operations, optimizing workflows between the foundry, the workshop and logistics operations at the warehouses.

And during the last 10 years Aceros y Suministros S.l has also made a significant investment in computer systems, engineering software, laser measurement scanners, ultrasound equipment, spectrometer and 3D laser printers, in order to keep Aceros y Suministros S.A. As one of the leading companies in the manufacture of wear parts.


New projects are being developed and we will soon inform the world.


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Our vision

To be a leading, leading and world-renowned company in the manufacture of products for the aggregate, mining and cement industry.

Our mision

Generate value to our customers by providing quality and reliable products.

Our values

We are committed to providing our customers with a service of the highest level of quality. To achieve this, we are continuously improving processes, products and services, meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction levels..
We constantly review our processes, identify possible errors and implement the corrective actions necessary to eliminate them. In this way we manage to maintain a standard of excellence in the operation of our company and we involve our suppliers of our main value, quality. The effectiveness of our system is monitored by planned audits, management reviews and customer satisfaction surveys.


Our history and experience along the years in the comminution of raw materials have led Aceros y Suministros S.L. to have a team dedicated to research, develop and implement new technologies released, optimized production processes, new materials development, engineering technologies, etc.

impresora 3d


Another area we are emphasizing and investigating is additive manufacturing. Several 3D printers have been incorporated to speed up manufacturing of components for our foundry patterns and improve our ability to produce product prototypes and verification templates.

laser 3d


In 2015 we acquired a high precision laser measurement scanner. These scanner has been a great improvement in our inspection and verification processes. It has also opened new manufacturing possibilities since we can perform high complexity reverse engineering projects that were unreachable.

The quest for excellence makes Aceros y Suministros S.L. a reference in the business.


We have a large stock of spare parts adaptable to the following machinery:

  • Tauro
  • Piscis
  • Géminis
  • Libra
Bergeaud ®
  • VB67 – VB83 – VB93 – VB108 – VB1008 – VB1311
  • UM-15
  • UM-25
  • UM-45
  • IC13
  • C10 – C12 – C12+
  • MagImpact®
Metso ® / Nordberg ® crusher
  • NP1313 – NP1415 – NP1620 – NP2023 – NP1110 – NP1213 – NP1315 – NP1520
  • HP100 – HP200 – HP300 – HP400 – HP500 – HP3 – HP4 – HP5
  • GP100 – GP200 – GP300
  • C80 – C95 – C96 – C100 – C105 – C106 – C110 – C120 – C125 – C140 – C145 – C160 – C200
  • PC1060 – PC1270 – PC1310
Hazemag® crusher
  • AP5
  • SAP5
  • APK20 – APK30 – APK40 – APK50 – APK60 – APK0806 – APK1006 – APK1010 – APK1313 – APK1615 – APKV1005R
  • Destroyer 1011 – 1112 – 1113
Kleeman Reiner®
  • MR100 – MR110 – MR130 – MR130EVO
  • MCO13H
  • BR350 – BR380 – BR550
Krupp Hazemag® crusher
  • APP1013 – APP1010GA
  • IM12 – IM13 – IM14
  • PL11T
  • ABRA-TC 12/13/14
  • TA15T
  • PL13T
  • LAU-3/4/6/8
  • MS4 MS5
  • MD16/75
  • I34 – I44 – I54
Rockster® Recycler
  • RR700 – RR900 – RR1000
  • RM60 – RM70 – RM80 – RM90 – RM100
Sandvik ®
  • QJ241 – QJ340 – QJ341 – QI340
  • CI421 – CI522
  • P200 – P300
  • CI 722
  • S100TC – S250TC
  • CH420 – CH330 – CH430 – CH440 – CH660 – CH780 – CH880
  • Hydrocone® H2000 – H3000 – H4000 – H6000 – H8000
  • Superior® S2000 – S3000 – S4000 – S6000
Symons ®
  • 2’ 3’ 4’ 4 ¼’ 5’ 5 ½’ 7’
Talleres Alquezar
Terex ® Pegson ®
  • 428 4242SR – 1412 XH250 – XH320 – XH500
  • 1100×650 – 1100×800 – 900×600
  • MAXTRAK 1000 – 1300 – 1500
Tesab ®
  • 623 – 643 – 1012 – 1412
  • 10570
  • PB220/25 – PS1430
Flsmidth A/S ®
ThyssenKrupp Polysius®
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